August 12, 2014

More Pre-Birthday Fun

My father-in-law came up on Sunday to celebrate my birthday.  My little sister and her daughter E came up too.  E made me a card.  :)

My sister gave me some cute little gifts.

I put the gnome stuff in my gnome garden.  :)  I have quite the collection.

My father-in-law had me pick a place to eat.  I chose Ruby Tuesday.  I was kinda craving the salad bar.  We went there for dinner.  I got the salad bar and chicken tortilla soup.  Everything was good.  Here's E being cute in the high chair.

We hung out a little more back at my house.  My father-in-law gave me my birthday card with some green stuff.  :)

Here's E collecting things for Lizzy.  Too cute!

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