October 29, 2015

Manchester HS Harvest Craft Show 2015

My BFF and I had a vendor booth at a high school in Richmond for their Harvest Craft Show.  They were raising money for the golf team.

We got to the school.

Kristen has an awesome beach caddie that came in handy.  We fit everything in it that we needed.  She pulled the caddie and I carried our table.  So much easier having the caddie for the bottles.  They are heavy.  :)

We checked in and found out we were at space #27.  We loved the location we were put in.  It was right in front of the trophy cases.  We just happened to be right in front of Nascar's, Denny Hamlin memmorabillia.  Apparently, Denny went to this high school.  Pretty cool, huh?

Anyways, we set up our table and I have to brag because it was the best table in the house.  :)

We had plenty of extracts, and baked goods to sell.

Kristen made the extracts sign.  It was perfect.  :)

I had to break out some samples.  Samples will get someone to purchase treats and they surely did.

Here's what I put on fbk and IG.  :)

We made our money back and a little profit.  We wished we had sold more but there just wasn't a huge crowd.  I felt with it being on a Sunday in the busiest fall month with football and Nascar going on it just wasn't the best day for the event.

I'm thinking about doing a craft show by myself next weekend.  And then we are doing another one together in December.  :)

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