October 3, 2015

Take 1.....action.

Last month, my husband and I were invited on a set by Allie for a TV movie that's filming a pilot.  He was going to take new head shots of one of the actors and of the set.  

Here's Nate taking some pics.

We went in to see the set.  I saw the schedule.

Here's a scene.

Wardrobe was crazy.

Coke is a sponsor so there's coke products everywhere.

The directors mom made spaghetti and salad for lunch for the actors and crew.  It was yummy.

Here's another scene.

Nate sitting.

Here's Will and Briezy.  They play boyfriend/girlfriend in movie.

I took a break and checked on our car and just walked about downtown.  Petersburg is adorable.

It reminded me a little like my old town.

There was a cute little area for outside concerts.

There was even a little a free library.  My BFF has been to one just like this in her town.  I thought it was cute.  It was packed full of books.

I opened the door to see what books were in it.

I walked back towards the building the filming was going on in.  There was a before I die chalkboard.  We had this in my town many years ago.  It's really cool.

I drew a smiley face.  :)

I stopped off at a little bakery and then told Allie and we went back over with an extras mom (Amy) to check it out.

The worker gave us some samples.  One of the things we tried was rooster bark (top left) or what the town folk call "Petersburg Crack".  It's graham crackers, melted butter, pecans and powdered sugar.   So good and we could see why it was nicknamed crack.  hahaha 

So many choices.

I got a double chocolate chunk cookie and gave my husband half.

I went back to the set and sat down.  I ate my half of the cookie and was just hanging out.

Clothes on a couch. 

I was trolling facebook on my phone when I was asked to be an extra.  So, I was put in a big purple dress with a red hat and then heavy hollywood makeup.  LOL

Scene being filmed.

Waiting for crew to set up stuff.

It was a lot of fun.  We got there at 11am and didn't leave until close to 9am.  We didn't realize how exhausting being on a set was.  It's a lot of waiting around for the most part but it was tiring.  LOL  We hope we are invited to future sets because Nate loved it and he got a lot of terrific pictures for his portfolio.  :)

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