October 17, 2015

8th Annual Healing Hearts Walk to Remember

Every year, I go to the Healing Hearts Walk to Remember.  It was supposed to be on 10/3 this year but ended up being moved to 10/11 because of flooding at the park from heavy down pours we got from Hurricane Joaquin.  The walk is organized by LLOST.

The LLOST (Loss of Loved Ones to Sudden Tragedy) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization created to provide support to those who are living with the loss of a loved one.

Here's a necklace I purchased years ago for myself to keep my angel babies in my memory.  I wore it for the walk.

For years, we did a balloon release but the last few have had a butterfly release.  I still like releasing a balloon for each one of my losses.  I stopped off at party city and picked up 3 random balloons and a pink one for my friend, Sharon for her angel baby.

Kristen came up and she joined Nathan and I.  We met our friends Sharon, Joe and Aggie there.  We always bring our beach chairs to sit in while we wait for the walk to start.

Before the walk we had lunch that was provided by Shawn's Smokehouse BBQ.  BBQ sandwiches, cole slaw, chips and cookies.  There was an introduction and then we walked around the entire park.  After everyone gets back from the walk we gather around.  Every angel babies name is called and a bell is rang.  When my angel babies were called I hugged Nathan and we released the balloons.

Miller Baby 1
Miller Baby 2
Miller Baby 3

I kept watching the balloons as they kept going up, up and up.

If I remember correctly there were 215 angel baby names were read.  I hope they are all in heaven playing hide n' seek or duck duck goose.  :*)

After all the baby names were called, we then got butterflies to release.  I got 3 butterflies to release for my angel babies.  Here's one of my butterflies.

It's a very emotional day and each year there are more and more angel babies.  :(

I raised $100 for the walk.  (Thanks to Kristen and The McElvy's for donating).

Angel babies forever our hearts....

Miller Baby 1
Miller Baby 2
Miller Baby 3 
Baby Colleluore
and all the other angel babies that never get the chance to meet their families who love them so much.

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