October 17, 2015

Happy 89th Birthday Grandma

My cousin, Katie came up with an idea of the best birthday present ever for our Grandma.  Cousin Katie, asked for photos from all the cousins.  I sent her a bunch.  My Grandma (my dads mom) turned 89 on October 2nd.  Grandma lives in Florida with my dad's sister.  For birthday lunch my Grandma requested a McDonald's cheeseburger, fries and a strawberry milkshake.  How cute is that?  

My cousin gave Grandma the blanket.  Here she is opening it.

When my Grandma saw that it was a blanket with pictures she just loved it.  She said "Oh yay, I got a blanket".  Then she proceeded to spread it out onto her bed so she could look at it.  Then she cried and said "I have to hang this on the wall.  It's my whole life.  I love it.  Oh what a birthday".

Here's the blanket.

I love you Grandma.  Happy Birthday!  I hope I can come down and visit sometime.

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