October 29, 2015

15th Wedding Anniversary Surprise Vow Renewal Party 2015

This past Saturday Morning, I went to a Judging School to take some classes to learn how to be a fair judge.  Little did I know that my husband, family and friends were all setting up a party for me.  

I was told we would be going to dinner at a nice place to celebrate all our friends anniversaries.  My husband had a photo gig and would meet us there.  My sister, her husband and niece picked me up.  I didn't think anything differently.  We pulled into a park because my sister wanted to reminisce for a minute.  We got to a pavilion and I saw Nate and I was so confused.

Here's the pavilion.

I saw Nate.  I thought he had lied about where he was and I wasn't quite sure why we were going to his gig.  I thought we just stumbled upon him.

I then realized that my husband was surprising me with a party.  Then I saw a preacher and I saw family and friends.  I was in shock.  I was still trying to process everything.

Here's the alter.

Cute table at entrance.

I hugged and kissed Nate and said "So are we doing this".  He laughed and said "yes".

Then I said "Are you walking me down the aisle" and he said "yes".

We made our way up to the alter where there was a preacher. 

Nate had the preacher include some new vows about me trying to remember to set the DVR to record a minute prior so it doesn't cut off the rest of the show and for Nate to remember to put dishes in the dishwasher.  We both said "I will try" while laughing.

My brother-in-law, Daniel got on the piano and played "Kiss Me" while my friend Sharon sang while we danced.

Here we go walking back down the aisle.  My niece is looking up at me with the same face I have.  haha

The ceremony seemed longer than the ceremony we had 15 years ago.  I think I even mentioned that out loud.  haha

Here I am giving my niece a hug.

My husband then told me that he had been planning this entire surprise for the last 9 months.  He even told me that he had been doing odd computer and picture jobs saving up the money to pay for everything.  He said everything was paid for so I didn't have to worry about anything.

We came back inside and Nate said some nice words and we thanked everyone for coming to share our special day and for keeping everything a secret.

Behind me is some of the guests getting food.  Everything was great and there was a ton of delicious food.

My mother took some pieces of my flowers from my wedding 15 years ago and made a new bouquet for me to walk down the aisle with.

Miller Family

Albrecht Family

Nate had a local bake shop recreate the top of our wedding cake.  It was perfect and it was so delicious.

Here we are cutting into the cake.

And eating it.

My sister took these pictures.  There were little smore favors that were just awesome.

The surprise vow renewal was just perfect.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Everything was amazing.  I still can't believe my husband pulled this off and didn't let the cat out of the bag.  We appreciate everyone who helped and came to celebrate our love.

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