October 17, 2015

Homemade Pure Extracts 2015

I recently bottled some homemade pure extracts.  I have lost count on how many times I have made my pure vanilla extract.  It takes 3 months for the 'brew' to be ready and this past weekend, it was time for bottling.  I also had some new flavors I did that were ready for bottling.  
I set them up back in July.

First, I sterilized the bottles and lids.  Here's a picture of all the clean and dry bottles.

I gathered up all the 'brews' so the could be drained and bottled.

They look awesome.

Here's the lemon before it was drained from the zest.  It smells amazing.

After it was drained through a cheese cloth.

I got everything bottled and put away with the help of my husband.  I think he actually had fun helping with this.  I've already sold a bunch this week and I have some craft shows booked to sell more.  :)

These make cute gifts.

Adorable!  :)

I made:


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