October 3, 2015

State Fair of Virginia 2015

I had plans to get together with my Aunt, Karen, cousin, Lora and her daughter Olive.  So, I figured it would be fun if we went to the state fair.  My sister and niece met us there.

Once we entered the gates we got a map and off we went.

We first decided to get some food.

I got a hot dog, fries (that I shared with everyone) and a water.  Livi got a slice of pizza.  My Aunt got a hot dog, which she ended up dropping on the ground.  Waste of a $3 hot dog.  :(  My sister got a corn dog and fried cheese.  Ellie liked the french fries with ketchup.  :)  Livi then got her face painted too.

Sharon, Joe and Aggie got to the fair and joined us.  We got ride tickets for the kids and they rode the carousel.  Here's Livi riding.

We then went to the building where my cookies were on display with my ribbon.  :)

Here's Olivia and Elliebellie walking hand in hand.  They are so cute.

I found my cookies.

I got 2nd place.  :)

Here I am with my cookies/ribbon.

The girls wanted to get to the rides so off we went.

There was a cute LOVE sign next to the horses.

Huge pumpkins on display.  We also walked in the animal tents to see everything.

We finally found the kids rides.

Ellie and me riding in a tea cup.  :)  I love this picture I got of her.

Aggie and Livi riding on the fake dumbo.  They had fun riding rides together.

Poor Ellie was too small to ride some of the rides.  She wasn't happy about that.  "I want to ride" she said.  :(

I got some funnel cake to share.  Ellie loved it.

Yeah every last piece was eaten.

We decided to ride the ferris wheel.  Sharon and Joe didn't so they kept an eye on everyone's belongings while we rode.

Here's me and Aggie.  She's adorable.  Love her.

View of Kids area from Ferris wheel.  The ferris wheel seemed like it went on forever.  LOL

Duck game

Fish game

Cousins sitting at a table.

Livi teaching her grandma (my aunt) how to play some clap game.  I think Ellie was yawning.

We were at the fair for hours.  We then decided it was time to head on home.  I was pushing Ellie in the stroller and she unbuckled herself and turned around and I said "Are you allowed to sit like that in the stroller" and she said "yes".  hahaha  I don't think so.

Cute pumpkin display.  Ellie was trying to sit on a pumpkin.  She's eating a piece of my cousin Lora's soft pretzel.  She loved the pretzel and kept asking her for more pretzel.

Farmers market at the fair.

Cute hay bale turned into a sunflower.

We had an awesome day.  :)

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