October 27, 2015

Stafford Fair 2015

I did some baking for a fair.  This time it was for Stafford.  I baked my brownies and my chocolate chip cookies.


Cookies cooling


I put 4 cookies on a plate.

And 3 brownies on a plate.

Ready to be dropped off at the fairgrounds.

I dropped off my baked goods at the fairgrounds.  The fair ran from Friday night through Sunday.  I figured I'd go back on Sunday to see if I won.

I went right to the homemaking building.

I saw my stuff displayed on a table.   I won 2nd place for my brownies and 3rd place on my cookies.  The lady in charge said it was a hard decision because the brownies and cookies were really good.  When she gave me my ribbons she asked if she could keep the brownies and cookies because they loved them that much so I said sure.  :)

Here I am with my ribbons.

I walked around the fair.  

Why hello....Mr. Goat

It was so cold and windy.  This pig literally buried himself in straw.  

I then walked around to the rides and games.

Here's my ribbons.

All my ribbons from the 2015 fair season.

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