October 29, 2015

Garden Update #42

I've been sick for the last 2 days.  I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep.  :(  So, I've been taking it easy.  It's no fun being sick but at least I'v had some time off from work to relax and get better.

Today, I went outside to get a little sunshine.  I also went to the greenhouse to check on things and water my plant babies.  I was happy to see bright red as I was walking to the greenhouse.  I harvested some cherry tomatoes.  :)

This guy is not quite ripe yet.

I also added my sago palm, and succulents to the greenhouse today.  They have too many gnats so I figured I'd put them in the greenhouse to dry out a little and hopefully kill the gnats.  I opened the window too since it was so nice.

This evening, I went out and shut the greenhouse window.  I found my little spider friend on one of the succulent plants.  I'm 100% sure the little guy was having a snack on some gnats.  :)  It's just a jumping spider.  They eat bugs and other spiders so I'm gonna let him do just that.  I've named him 'Dot' because he has a little yellow/orange dot on his back.  :)

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