November 17, 2015

Toddler Lunches wk 10/26


We had a lot of food leftover from our anniversary party and I don't like food being wasted so I brought leftovers from party for lunch.  I had a bunch of fruit, some carrots and a rf mozz string cheese.

Breakfasts/Snacks:  quest bar, monster mix, apple, banana and rf pb.


hamburger patty, slice of cheese, ketchup, some fruit, and some sf pudding.

Breakfasts/Snacks:  quest bar, grapes, monster mix, rf mozz string cheese, rf pb and banana.


I was home sick with strep throat.  :(  I didn't have an appetite for much food.  I had some chick-fil-a nuggets and ice cream.  :)


I had a bowl of fruit.  I still wasn't very hungry from being sick.  I did leave and went to chick-fil-a for some ice dream in a cup.  I love the ice cream there.

Breakfasts/Snacks:  Quest bar, pumpkin bar and monster mix.

I did manage to lose 6 pounds though from being sick.  :)

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