November 24, 2015

Thornburg Middle School Craft Show

I did a lot of baking on my day off from work before I had to be in RVA for my nieces talent show.

Here's all the butter on the counter softening.

I made my Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies, Award Winning Brownies, Lemon cookies and Orange Cranberry sugar cookies.  I started baking a little after 9am and I wasn't done until a little after noon.  WHEW!  That's a lot of baking.  haha

We had to be at the school EARLY.  K met me there.  We got there at 7:15am.  Craft show started at 8am.  Here's our table all set up.

We had toothpicks this time for sampling.

Baked goods all packaged.

At the craft shows it's always nice for each vendor to donate something to who's holding the show so they can make some money from silent action or raffle ticket sales.  We donated some extracts and a treat.  I don't know who won this.

My mom, older sister and nephew stopped by.  My mother won a big coffee basket that had a starbucks gift card amoung a bunch of coffee related items.  It was right up my moms alley.  She loves coffee.  My sister won 3 baskets total.  hahaha  She got some really cool stuff.  Books, jewelry, Mary Poppins tickets, and more.  

The craft show was fun.  I sold a ton of baked goods.  The extract sales weren't much.  It seemed like the customers were mostly the other vendors.  I didn't see that many regular customers here and that was a little disappointing.  But it's okay we got the word out on our extracts and baked goods and we had a good time.  :)

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