November 24, 2015

Garden Update #43

How can November already be almost over?  This year, is just flying by, right?  I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week.

I'm off for the rest of the week so why not take advantage and catch up on some posts.  :)

Here's an update on my garden.

One morning, I walked into my greenhouse and started watering plants.  I saw a little visitor hanging on the outside.  Do you see it?  I was so excited.  haha

It was a praying mantis.  I believe it's a girl just because of how big she is.  I brought her into my greenhouse.  :)  I figured she'd like it.  I opened the window in case she wanted to leave and I went off to work.

When I got home, I checked on the praying mantis and shut the greenhouse window.  She was still there in a different spot.  :)

The next morning, she was still there.  I told her if she wanted to leave she could.  hahaha  I opened the window and went to work.  She decided to leave.  I haven't seen her since.  :(  
Hopefully, she will be back.

I picked my last toms.  I ate this one right away.

Here's the last 4 of the season.  I put them in the kitchen window to ripen.  
I can't wait to plant more toms in the spring.  Nothing taste better than something you grow yourself.

My hibiscus bloomed again.  Look at this vibrant and beautiful.

Green bean plant.

Succulents and green bean plant.

My sycamore tree needs to be trimmed once it becomes dormant.  I will wait until January or February.  Some branches are laying over fence into neighbors back yard and I feel I need to trim them.  There's tons of seed pods on the tree.  
You have to look closely in the picture but they are there.

My dad wants a bunch so I plan to get him some so he can plant them.  Here's one I was able to reach.  I think they might be good place card holders for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  haha  They just look so cool to me because it's a seed pod that could become a tree one day.

I have planted a new celery end base in a cup of water.  We will see if it takes off.

I still have orchids, peppermint, celery and pumpkin growing in kitchen window sill.  The pumpkin is from the sprouts that were growing in my pumpkin.

Here's my palm tree.  I had to trim some of the dead leaves.  

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