November 24, 2015

E's Talent Show

On Friday, November 13th I took a personal day at work so I could be off and go to my nieces talent show.  

Here's E getting ready.

She wanted to play for a little bit before we left.  She pulled out her dolls and put them in her crib so they could take a nap.  Her hair is so cute here.

Here she is telling me this is her Ariel doll.

Putting babies to bed.

Cute and adorable ballet shoes.

The show was at a church.

Here's my favorite letting my sister and I take some pictures of her in her little tutu.

Needed a few pictures with her dinosaur that Aunt Kristen and Uncle Dave got her.

Walking back inside church.

Just laying around. <3 p="">

Finally it was E's turn for her group to dance.  They danced and jumped to "If you're happy and you know it".

Here's E taking a picture of Uncle Dave and then looking at her shot.  So cute!!!

Afterwards, we met back at my sister's place and ordered burgers and fries from Carytown burgers.  Soooo good and we were all hangry.  haha

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