November 26, 2015

Garden Update #44

I saw a tip on pinterest to bubble wrap your plants if you keep them in containers.  This helps to keep the plant babies warm during the cold months.  I got some bubble wrap from a coworker who didn't need it.  I knew I'd use it for my plants.

Here's my greenhouse with my babies that need to be wrapped.

I cleaned up a little and put everything on my bench.  I had just enough bubble wrap.  I did not plant my rose bush (teal pot).  I will probably just put a plastic bag on that plant.

Here's one of my succulents.

Sago palm

Another succulent.  I got this for $1 at Lowes.  It's getting so big.  :)

My hibiscus.

My green bean plant.  Not looking happy.  The cold might have damaged it before I could wrap him. 

Inside.....Here's my pumpkin sprouts.

I might have a bloom soon?  I believe this is a male flower.  The small one below is probably the female flower.  Since these are indoors I will have to hand pollinate the female if I want to get fruit.  Plus, I will probably need to plant these plants in soil.

I love this one because the seed shell is still attached.  It makes me smile.

I am also happy to orchids are growing new stems and blossoms.

My celery plant that was a base and has been regrown 3 times now is growing more.  :)

And the new base I just planted in water last week is growing.  :)

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