October 3, 2015

Baking for State Fair of Virginia 2015

I decided to enter some baked goods into the State Fair of Virginia.  I entered my chocolate chip cookies last year and didn't win.  I've won several ribbons this year at county fairs so I wanted to try state again.

The first batch of gluten free I made, I messed up.  I didn't add enough flour.  I still baked all the cookies anyway.  They still tasted great.  Nate took some to work for his coworkers.  The rest crumbled up and I saved the crumbs in a container.  I bought some no sugar added vanilla ice cream to go with the cookie crumbs and we had it for dessert a few times during the week.

The second batch of gluten free came out good.

I made the same brownies, I won first place in at the Caroline Fair.

Brownies plated.

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies plated.

Chocolate Chip Cookies plated.

Everything is packed and ready to be taken to the state fair.

Turned in at State.

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