August 29, 2015

Toddler Lunches wk 8/24

Another work week of toddler lunches brought from home.  :)  I'm also excited to say that I ordered these new tupperware containers for my toddler lunches.  The ziploc ones I use are discontinued and the lids are cracked on most of them.  :(  They tupperware ones on sale for $25.  I bought these with the intention of cleaning out my containers.  I have so many that need to be thrown out or have no lids.  Any that are in good shape I will save for a future food swap.


Watermelon, cucumber slices, hard boiled egg, grapes, and reduced fat mozzarella string cheese.

Breakfast/snacks:  Quest bar (not pictured), rf pb, banana, pretzel sticks, and chopped pecans.


Turkey breast stick, rf mozz string cheese, turkey pepperoni slices, hard boiled egg, cucumbers, and grapes.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, banana, rf pb, pretzel sticks, and monster mix.


Homemade chicken salad, rf wheat thins, and grapes.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, hard boiled egg, banana, rf pb, rf mozz string cheese and watermelon.


Leftover sweet n sour chicken with white rice.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, banana, rf pb, hard boiled egg, rf mozz string cheese, cucumbers, grapes, and chopped pecans.


Watermelon, cucumbers, 2 hard boiled eggs, rf mozz string cheese, and grapes.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar (not pic), pretzel sticks, banana, and rf pb.

I also keep cocoa almonds at work for a quick snack.

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