August 10, 2015

Spencer Devon Brewing

This past weekend, some friends came to visit.  They live in Maryland and brought us some berger chocolate creme cookies. delicious.  

We decided to give Spencer Devon Brewing a try for dinner.

The tables had a long wait so we sat right at the bar.  Here's Jeremy and his wife, Sara.

There's beer tanks that sit in the middle of the room.  It's really awesome.

Nate got the Sunken Road Belgian Blonde and I of course got H2o.

Jeremy and Sara ordered the beer sampler so they could try each one.  They loved them.

Sara and I both got a sticker.  I put it in my rainman.  :)

We all got burgers.

Served with house cured pickles & choice of fries, potato salad or side salad

Smithfield bacon, caramelized onions-mushroom compote, baby spinach and sorghum BBQ sauce

We all ordered dessert too.  I wasn't going to get anything but since it was my birthday weekend I figured I would splurge and get the warm chocolate chip cookie skillet.  And it was so worth it.  :)  Nate got the goat cheesecake.  Jeremy and Sara shared a goat cheesecake and Sara sampled my cookie.  :)

In front of us, I noticed an honorable mention award for the 2nd Sandwich invitational.  I remember them being there.  It was the first tent I visited and they were the first sandwich I ate,  It was good.

On the way out I took a picture of a big beer mural on the wall.

Jeremy and Sara stayed overnight in our guest room.   It was fun catching up since it's been a while since we've seen each other.  We also watched "Race to Escape" and now I'm addicted.  haha

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