August 16, 2015

Farmers Market 8/15

 I went to the farmers market at the commuter lot yesterday.  I went later than I normally go since my dad took me to breakfast at Cracker Barrel for a late birthday celebration.  The market was packed.

I did see a quote on the pavement by Julia Child. I thought it was awesome so I took a picture.  I love Julia Child.  She was such a talented chef.

The quote says:

"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces- Just good food from fresh ingredients". 

 How perfect to have at the market with fresh goodies right?  :)

I then walked around to my favorite farmers and picked up some goodies and snapped a few pics.

I got everything to my car and put it all in my farmers market box so nothing gets smooshed in my tote bag.

I also made a trip to Lowes to pick up some cactus soil, and to check reduced plants.

Here's everything I got.

-spaghetti squash
-huge ass bell pepper
-baby zucchini
- baby squash
-french cantelope
-green beans
-asparagus beans
-2 sprelly nut butters- (white chocolate almond butter)
-yellow jubilee tomato

I spent $15.50 on the fresh produce and $15 just for the nut butters.  LOL  So $30.50.

I'm gonna have to take a break from sprelly.  The nut butters are so good but they are $15 for two.  So, I need to pace myself and only splurge on them every once in a while.  :)

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