August 31, 2015

Organizing Kitchen 2015

So, I'm on a vacation again.  Trying to use up time before I lose it all at the end of the year.  I decided I would tackle my kitchen today and get some stuff organized.

I started with under the kitchen sink.

Here's what it looks like.  My kitchen trash can sits in front of white tub.  I took it out so you could see how messy it is.

I removed everything.  I then began throwing stuff out and going through what I had.

I also ran the vacuum and cleaned up any crumbs.  Everything is nice and clean now and I know what I have underneath that cabinet.

Next, I decided to get rid of storage containers.  I promised my husband I would go through our containers since I purchased these.  This cabinet annoys my husband and myself.  Whenever we pull out a container we can never find the correct lid.  It's frustrating.  It doesn't even really look that bad in the picture but it is.  I do have several containers drying in the dry rack, I need to go through too.

I love these and these.  I use these for my food prep now so I will only be keeping these.  
I can't afford these. haha

I took everything out.  This is the containers and lids I am not keeping.  I already have a taker so they are bagged up and will be dropped off this week.

I have what I'm keeping in there now.  Ahhhh......feels good to purge.

Next up was organizing the pantry.  It's become a mess again.

I took everything out and covered all the counters.  (not everything is pictured)  I then cleaned the pantry shelves and vacuumed the pantry floor.

I put everything back nice and neat.  Some stuff was expired and I threw it out.  I also got rid of some things I had in there.  For example, the pet food storage container.  
We don't have any pets now so that doesn't need to be in there anymore.

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