August 10, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #32

My happy container garden.....

I picked more cherry toms.

I also picked up this awesome tomato tea towel the other day.  So of course, I had to get some pictures with my garden tomatoes.  :)

I picked more yellow jubilee toms.

They are so delicious.  I saved some seeds from these tomatoes to plant for next year.

In my kitchen window sill I have goodies.  The tomato tea towel came in a mason jar and I used it for a sunflower from my garden that broke off.  :)

I have toms in the window with some little peppermint flowers.

My celery and cilantro are doing good.  Though, I have noticed tiny aphids on the cilantro.  :(

More tomatoes in the garden.  This cluster looked awesome because it's not ripe, ripening and ripe.  :)

One cherry tom ready to be picked.

I picked it.  Too bad my niece wasn't here.  She would loved picking it.  She apparently thinks all tomatoes come from my garden.  Whenever she sees a tomato she says "Bonnie's".  haha  cute!  :)  I ate this tomato.  :)


My big sunflower.  I've been waiting for it to pop.

And it finally popped to sunflower perfection.  :)

I did manage to make it to Lowe's with my mom yesterday after my birthday lunch.  I wanted to look at the reduced plants to see if they had anything I wanted.  I found a majestic palm for $5 and some cute orange flowers for $3.  When I went to pay my mom gave me a $10 bill and said Happy Birthday.  :)  Thanks mom!  :)

I got them in my car.  haha

The orange flowers is in the container garden on my deck and the palm is in my kitchen.

I need to re-pot the palm.  I'll do that one day this week.  :)

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