August 9, 2015

Another blue ribbon....

Last weekend, before going to a work remote I stopped off at the local fair to see if I had a ribbon.  I entered gluten free chocolate chip cookies into the chocolate chip cookie category.  
I got to the fairgrounds right after it opened.

I went straight to the homemaking building.

I walked around all the baked goods.  There were several glass cases full.  I didn't see my cookies and got worried.  LOL  Finally I walked to the last case and there were my cookies.

I looked at them and noticed the blue ribbon.

I got FIRST PLACE!  :)  So exciting!  I can't wait to pick up my ribbon and add it to my collection.

I immediately sent a message to my husband so he would know how I did.  He's very proud.  :)

I then walked around looking at everything else that was entered into the fair.  So many wonderful items.  I loved all the veggies.

This was one of my favorite items.  It's a basket full of flowers, fruits and veggies all grown by the person who submitted it.  It's beautiful.

Lots of tomatoes.

Zucchini, cucumbers, corn, onions and more.

There were several sunflowers.  Here's just one set.

Next, I headed over to see the animals.  There was a little pool with baby ducklings.  This little guy had the hardest time trying to get up the slide.  He kept sliding back down.  So cute.

Of course, I had to see the sheep.  This sheepy walked over to me and let me pet his head.  :)

And a peacock.  Love them.

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