August 16, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #33

The spring/summer gardening season is winding down.  I do still have some things growing.

I cleaned up some dead squash plants.  I didn't get many squash or zucchini this year.  Maybe I can try to grow some in my green house this fall.

Best sunflower this year.  :)

I had a zebra swallowtail butterfly this morning.

I got several cherry toms this week.

More toms.

Just one blueberry.

Garden hat with some dandelions.  I know dandelions are weeds but the little yellow flowers are so cute so I took some pictures with them.

Adorable right?  :)  This is from in my greenhouse.

More cherry toms, freshly picked this afternoon.

Green and purple beans picked this afternoon.

I went to lowes on Saturday and picked up some a few things.  I got a red 20 inch pot for $5.  Some potting mix, orchid, reduced price orchid, reduced price succulent, orchid food, cactus mix and cactus food.  I spent $30.

Here's the plants I got.  The succulent is called sedum pork and beans.  It looks really cool.  It was only $1.  So, yes please.  :)  The orchid in the middle was $3 on clearance.  It's gone dormant so hopefully, I can get it to grow more flowers.  The purple orchid I bought with my $10 that my Grandma sent for my birthday.  :)  I've been wanting one so I figured why not.  It was $8 and some change.  It's so cute.

I've got quite a collection in my kitchen window.  :)

Peppermint flowers that have rooted and some dandelions

Peppermint with flowers.  I keep pinching off and flowers that grow.  You can then start a new plant with this.  :)

My celery is growing so crazy and I love it.

I re-potted a little succulent that I got from the farmers market a while back.  One the left is the sedum pork and beans.

I also re-potted my majestic palm that my mom bought me.  It's doing great.  It's so big.  I bought a plant stand at target last week for it.  It has plastic to catch any water spillage.  It also has wheels so it's easier to move around.

I did some seed saving today during meal prep.

Here's some asparagus bean seeds.

Purple beans seeds from my purple beans in my garden.  Oh looks it's a smiley. :)

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