August 29, 2015

Good Luck Brother

My brother, has taken a new job and will be moving to Texas.  We threw him a good luck party with 
the family.  

Here's my brother with my niece.

We kept it simple.  I had my BFF pick up a banner for me.  She got a kit that has a ton of letters to make any kind of sign you want.  It's pretty cool and can be reused.  We hung it up at my back door.

My mother picked up Little Caesars pizza and crazy bread.  We also have lemonade, water, tea and sodas.

I picked up a cake from the grocery store.  It says "Good luck in Texas".

Here's the cookie dough dip with the reese's pb cup and reese's pieces.  I served with nabisco wafers and animal crackers.

I showed my niece her very own corner with a basket of goodies just for her.  She loved it  We all played with her.

I drew this sunflower free hand.  :)

Ellie in my garden.


Eating a cherry tomato.

Ellie loves picking tomatoes.  She wanted to pick the green ones.  LOL

She also loved running around in my backyard.

Ellie inspecting my greenhouse.

Ellie watching Nate.  These are blocks from her basket.

Ellie got the bubbles and chalk from her basket and we went to the driveway.

Uncle Dave drawing with Ellie.  So cute!  These drawings make me smile every time I see them.  They are still on my driveway.  :)

Billy and Ellie stare down.  :)

Good luck brother!  (Bruder)  We love you and will miss you.  :)

My little sister gave me my birthday presents.  So many cute things.  Gardening stuff, stickers, a new tote bag, a little bird house and garden markers my niece painted.

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