August 16, 2015

Birthday 2015

I turned 36 this past week.  How can I be almost 40?  Time sure flies by.  Last weekend, my mother and I went to dinner.  My mother chose the place.  We went to Kobe.

We were the only ones there for a while and then a few other people showed up.

I got onion soup to start and my mom started with a side salad.

Our chef came over and cooked out food on the grill in front of us.  He was pretty good.  I got steak and chicken with rice.  The chef also cooked some carrots and mushrooms.  It was all so tasty.

Afterwards, we went to Lowes because I wanted to check out the reduced price plants.  I found these guys.  A Majestic palm and some orange flowers.  $8 for both!  :)  My mom gave me a $10 and said Happy Birthday.  :)

On my actual birthday, besides the tons of birthday messages on facebook I got some birthday donuts from a co-worker and her daughter.

YUM!  :)  I shared these with the husband.  It took us a few days to get through them.

My birthday evening, my husband had me open some presents that he bought me at Hallmark.  He got me a recipe book, notepad, notebook and a card that he wrote a very sweet message in.

He also got a chocolate cupcake from target for me.  It was so good.

I bought myself a few presents.  :)

I got a garden rug and a tomato towel.

I purchased a portion control plate and a portion pasta server.  I'd been wanting these for a while.

Lastly, I bought a orchid with money my Grandma sent me.  :)

It was a good birthday.  :)  My husband also refurbished a laptop for me.  My old one has been so buggy so now I kinda have a like new laptop.  :)

My dad took me to breakfast yesterday morning.  My brother came.  We went to Cracker Barrel.  It was yummy.  Love those biscuits.  :)

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