August 26, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #34

My husband injured his foot so he's got a boot to wear and he's supposed to take it easy.  We had yard work that needed to be done so I asked my dad if he could help out.  My dad was actually excited to use our TORO lawnmower.  haha  My dad cut the grass in the front and back yard.  He also cleaned up around our air compressor unit.  We have some nasty poison oak growing back there.  He trimmed the Japanese maple and killed whatever poison oak he found.  I gathered everything up.  I didn't touch the poison oak.  I don't know if I'm allergic and I'm not going to find out.

Here's my dad pulling out the last bit of weeds.

We need to put some round-up there to prevent more weeds from growing.  We also need to powerwash this side of the house.  It's the side of the house that never gets sunshine.

Here's some bags filled weeds.  There ended up being 7 bags total by the time I was done getting all the weeds.  While my dad mowed I cleaned up other areas that had weeds.

We found a praying mantis.  My dad had me gently pick it up and move it to another area of the yard so it wasn't near the mowing.  :)

I found a dragonfly taking a rest on a tree branch.  It kept moving it's head around all fast.  It was funny.

Flower on my butterfly bush.

I had a few daisies pop up in the front flower bed.  :)

I cleaned up my some dead squash plants.  Here's what's left on the desk.

I harvested a bunch of cherry toms.

and more toms...

green and purple beans

I also have some tiny eggplants coming in.  Here's 2.

I want to get some seeds  started for my fall/winter garden.  I'll probably do that next week.

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