July 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend 2011

I worked on Saturday from 10am till 2pm and then VACATION started. Woo-hoo! :) Nate headed down to Norfolk for a wedding so I was Nateless for the weekend. :(

Anyways, I got a VIP pass for Buffalo Wild Wings from one of the PD's at work. We have a new location opening up and they were having a VIP night. It was a pass for 2. I'd never really gone to a VIP thing before so I was excited to check it out. Sharon and I went together. It started at 6pm. Everything was FREE except the alcohol but Sharon and I don't drink so we didn't have to pay for anything. :) We got an appetizer of soft pretzels. It came with 3 pretzels and for dipping they gave us a cheese (kinda like cheese wiz) and then mustard. The mustard was kinda sweet and was very good with the pretzels. For our dinner, we both got a house salad and then wings. Sharon got wings with the bone and I got boneless wings. We both agreed the wings should have been hot or warm. By the time they got to us they were cold. :( They were still good but would have been better if they'd gotten to us hot. But hey we didn't pay anything for it so we didn't complain. We tipped the waitress $5 each and then headed out to meet Joe (Sharon's hubby) at the movies.

Joe met us at the movies. We watched 'Bad Teacher'. It was ok. There were funny parts but pretty much all the funny things you see in the preview for the movie are the only funny parts. One family left like 20 min into the movie. They had a small child with them so maybe they realized the R rating truly was a R rating and that their small child shouldn't be in there. I mean geez come on ppl. You want to see a R rated move then leave the little ones at home. Thanks! It's R rated for a reason. (sorry for the rant...it's just so irresponsible)

On Sunday, we went to Kristen and Dave's for a cookout! :)

Kristen had decorated her outside umbrella with some cute 4th of July decor.

Mini cupcakes that Kristen made. How festive? :) So cute! And these were soooo good. I couldn't get enough. I can't remember how many I ate throughout the day. haha

Kristen had some fresh strawberries and blueberries out for us. She served it with some vanilla yogurt for dipping. So good! :)

Sharon made a carrot salad. She knows I can't have a lot of green veggies so she wanted something that would be good for me to eat. :) She mixed carrots, raisins, pineapples and pineapple yogurt together. I thought it was good. Everyone tried it. Sharon didn't like it. She said it would be better with plain yogurt and smaller shreds of carrots. I thought it was good.

Crystal and Eddie brought delicious deviled eggs and some fresh fruit. Soooo good! :D

I didn't take any pics of what I brought. I brought 'green stuff' (coolwhip, pitashio mix, and crushed pineapples). I also brought baked beans and some reduced fat chips. Everything was gobbled up. :P

Our cook, Dave. :)
Burgers just about done. :) Sharon's burger is all the way to the left with 'fake cheese'. LOL

We ate and ate some more and talked and talked. We also watched some of the closing arguments for the trial of the century and all expressed our thoughts and opinions. We also played hand and foot. So fun! What a wonderful day with wonderful friends! :)

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