January 3, 2016

Christmas 2015

My husband and I decided to host a Christmas dinner at our house this year.  We had family over on the day after Christmas.

Everyone that came....My parents, Nate's parents, Ashley, Daniel, Ellie, Kristen, Dave, Natalie, Joseph, LeAnn, Adam, Aunt Karen, Lora, and Livi.

We only do gifts for the little ones.  I picked up some things for the kids I knew who would be coming to my house so they all had something to open.

I also printed pictures of my family and Nate's family from our 15th Anniversary Vow Renewal.  I put the pictures in frames and presented them to the parents.  Everyone loved them.

I wanted to add decorations around the house.  I found some red bows at Target for a $1 per pack.  I got 2 packs and put the bows all around the house on the main level where people would be.  I found big bauble ornaments from the dollar tree.  I got 2 of them and placed one on my baking cabinet and one on my majestic palm.  I also wrapped the top of my baking cabinet with some leftover wrapping paper.  :)

I love my majestic palm.  It looked adorable with a red bow and a red bauble.

I didn't have a table cloth for my small folding table so I wrapped it with some leftover wrapping paper.  :)  I got this wrapping paper at the dollar tree.

I saw these little Christmas trees in the dollar spot at Target.  They were $3.  I added the red bow to each one to dress it up.

I then went to my ornament box and pulled out some tiny baubles I had to dress them up even more.

I placed one tree on the kitchen table.  I also had a little bowl of M&M's and a little bowl of cashews.  The little bowls are from the dollar tree.

I put the other little tree in the dining room.

I picked up this little inflatable gingerbread man for decor.  My niece liked walking around with it.  haha

For decorations I spent:

2 packs of bows- $2
2 bauble ornaments- $2
little bowls (10 in pack)- $1
2 little Christmas trees- $6
wrapping paper- $1
3 table clothes- $3
inflatable gingerbread man- $1

$16 for all the decor.  Under $20!  :)  And most of the stuff can be used again.  It's a win-win.

I made some yumyums.

I also made mac n cheese.

My sister brought some of the nana cookies that she and Ellie made.  So good.  :)

I didn't take a picture of the other foods.  :(  

On the menu:

Turkey (I got a $50 certificate from work for Honey Baked Ham)
Ham (My mom brought)
Raisin sauce for the ham (my mom brought)
Mac n cheese
watergate salad
stove top stuffing
mashed potatoes (that my MIL made)
cranberry sauce
pecan pie (BFF made)
cherry pie (Aunt Karen made)
pumpkin pie (Aunt Karen brought)

I also made punch.  (gingerale, sherbert and orange slices)

Everyone had a great time.  My niece liked playing hide n seek.  Her favorite spot was under the dining room table on the chair.

Here's my niece and nephew.

Present time.....We got my niece groceries.  A little cart, farmers market basket and a little pantry full of 'food'.  :)  She loved them.

Opening gifts.

She had to open them all.  Nate helped her and he called this game "Mess".  hahaha  :)

My sister gave me these cute little tea towels that my niece drew on.  :)  I love them and will cherish them always.  

We sat around and chatted, talked about old days and played some games.  (Family Feud and Scattegories)

Christmas Morning my husband surprised me.

He got me a set of new pots and pans.  I like them and I know his heart was in it but I'm going to return them and get a different type of pan that I want and that we need.  :)

My husband also got me some new jammie pants.  They are cute.  :)

My husband got a new Iphone so we gave his old one to my sister so she could have a better phone and not have to pay a ton of money for a new one.  :)

It was a good Chritmas.   :)

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