January 18, 2016

Illuminate Light Show 2015

On Christmas eve, eve I asked my older sister if she wanted to go to the Illuminate light show because I had a ticket.  She said sure so we went.  My nephews J & A came with, and so did J's girlfriend L.  

We entered the park and there was not many people there.  It was right after they opened for the night and it had been raining. We were glad it wasn't crowded because we were able to take our time.  The whole thing is lights and music that's synchronized to go along.  It's cheesy but you have to do it at least once.

Here's some of my favorite parts.

This was a big drive thru light display.  It was cool.

Here's my nephew A.

There is a little area called Santa's Village that's indoors.  Santa Claus was there.  You couldn't take pictures.  They took pictures for you so you would pay for them.  My sister got some of my little nephew.

There's also an inflatable snow globe that you pay $5 to go in and someone can take pictures for you.  I didn't go in and I just took pictures with my phone.

It's actually kinda cool.

Here's my nephew writing a letter to Santa.

They had a snowy back drop you could take a picture in front of props.  Here's my nephew J with his girlfriend L.

My sister got my nephews a funnel cake.

After that we were ready to hit the road.  We had fun.  :)

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