January 18, 2016

Oil Free Rainbow Roasted Veggies

I was off today from work for the MLK holiday.  I decided to my do meal prep today.

Here's some of the meal prep I did.

Cooked 2 cups whole grain brown rice, made hard boiled eggs, washed and cut veggies, and put fruit in a container.  Not pictured....I made 10 chicken breasts, pb choc oatmeal balls, and baked up some healthy breakfast muffins.  WHEW....I did a lot.  :)

Now.....for something really awesome.  I found a recipe on pinterest for 'Oil Free Rainbow Roasted Vegetables'.  I thought it was awesome and knew I'd make it tonight to go with dinner.  When you shop for your veggies get what you like to eat.

Line up the veggies in the rainbow order.

How beautiful does this look?  It also tastes amazing.  

Preheat oven on 390 degrees.  On a lined baking sheet, add your prepped veggies.  I used.....

red bell pepper
yellow bell pepper
yellow squash
red onion

Sprinkle some thyme and spray on some balsamic vinegar to the veggies.  Roast for 25-30 minutes until tender.  Took about 30 minutes for me.  After I took the tray out of the oven I sprinkled on some sea salt and black pepper.  I served with some whole grain brown rice and chicken breast.  Loved it and we have some left over rainbow veggies for later in the week.

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