November 7, 2014


This is week 6 of my lunches and snacks I bring to work.  

Read up on past weeks here:


This day, I brought some leftover green beans (from dinner the night before) with some chicken shortcuts, strawberries, and farm fresh cherry tomatoes.  I also had 3 MF bars (not pictured) for snacks.


I had a whole wheat English muffin, shredded cheese, turkey pepperoni slices, strawberries and farm fresh cherry tomatoes.  I totally forgot pizza sauce and I forgot to toast the muffin before heating up.  It was only Tuesday and that's the kinda week I had. Oh well, lunch was still good.  :)

I also brought some snacks.  Nature Valley Oats n honey bars (I got a huge box of them at Wegmans for $7), whole grain fig newtons, and a fruit roll up strip.  I also had 2 MF bars.  (not pictured)


I met my Mother for lunch this day at Ruby Tuesday.  I got one plate at the salad bar.  No picture....totally forgot.  I love their salad bar.  I had a salad with bacon bits, egg, cucumber, tomatoes, shredded cheese, croutons, and light ranch dressing.  I also had some of the pasta and potato salad.  Sooooo good.

Here's the snacks I brought to work.  Nature Valley oat's n honey bars, and my MF bars.


I brought some BBQ pork (leftover from dinner the night before), some strawberries and farm fresh cherry tomatoes.

Here's the other foods I brought.  Honey nut cheerios (dry) for a late breakfast on the go, Reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, nature valley oats n honey bars, and my MF bars.


Today, I had a whole grain English muffin (toasted), leftover manwich (from dinner last night....lean ground turkey with farm fresh peppers), mixed fruit cup, farm fresh cherry tomatoes, and a reduced fat mozzarella string cheese. For snacks I had my MF bars, cocoa almonds and some PB crackers.

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