November 10, 2014

Garden Update

I haven't done a garden update in a while so I figured I would do one tonight.  My aloe plant is doing great.  It's the only plant I have indoors at the moment.  It's really happy and it's just begging to be repotted into a bigger pot.  :)

I cleaned up the sunflower pot I had and also my eggplant pot and basil pot.  All those plants were dead.  I moved my rose plant and lavender plant to the rocking chair.  I plan to move these on the front porch and wrapping them with a plastic bag to keep them from getting snow on them.  I wrapped the rose bush last Winter and it was fine.  :)  Not really sure if lavender likes cold but I guess we'll see.  I might move it indoors to be safe.  We'll see.  For now they are on the rocking chair.

My lavender still only has one sprouted flower.  It's still popping.  :)  But it's pretty and smells good.

I cleaned up some other things that were sitting around the yard.  Wooden board, hoses, porch broom, wheel barrow, bucket and some wooden stand.  The stand fell apart when I moved it so I broke it all up and took it to the trash dump.  No need having it sit around rotting this Winter.  I put everything in the shed.  The shed is going to need a good cleaning in the spring though.  There's so much stuff in there that we need to get rid of but at least I don't need to think about it til Spring.

I placed some rocks we had around my Harley's grave.  We're not finished getting the grave ready.  I want to plant some bleeding hearts flowers here in the Spring.  For now I'm happy that the rocks are around the grave.

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