January 9, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Adam

My nephew, Adam, turned 7 last week!! My sister, Natalie, threw him a birthday party at his Taekwondo class. Adam is a green belt. For those who don't know the green belt is 4 of 13 with black being the highest.

Birthday boy, ADAM! :)

Adam jumps all around very quickly. It's funny to watch him. Here he's showing off some of his Taekwondo moves.

Adam with Master Lee.

Birthday Balloons....Master Lee took out his sword and popped one. All the kids laughed.

Master Lee with the sword showing the kids it's real sharp.

Master Lee and Adam cutting the cake with the sword.

Adam opening his presents with his friends and older brother, Joseph. My mother and sister got him a belt holder so he can keep his belts on it as he collects them. I hope he goes all the way to the black belt. That would be such an achievement.

Towards the end of the party, Master Lee called Adam over to the center of the mats to show everyone how he can break a board with his foot. He did it real quick. It was really funny.

Master Lee had his assistant hold 2 boards and he broke them like it was nothing. It was a nice party. Parents signed up their kids b/c they had so much fun. 6 signed up!! I'm guessing Master Lee loves doing birthday parties just so he can get some new kids to join. :)

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