December 25, 2015

Happy 30th to my siblings. :)

My brother and sister turned 30 on 12/19!  My brother is in Texas so I didn't get to see him for his birthday.  

I came to RVA a little early so my bestie and I could make a lollipop box to give my sister.  I saw the idea years ago on Pinterest and have wanted to make it so we did it.

It turned out really cute.

My sister's husband planned a birthday dinner at the Tazza kitchen.

Here's my sister with her husband and daughter.

Kristen and Dave ordered guac and chips.  I had a little bit.  It was good.  I think Dave's guac is much better.  Even the guac I made recently was better in my opinion.

I ordered a personal white pizza for my dinner.  I shared it.  My sister's friend, David had 2 slices.

Daniel brought Pearl's birthday cupcakes.  Pearl's is the best bakery in RVA.  I grabbed a vanilla cupcake that had a vanilla buttercream and topped with a chocolate chip cookie.

We all took pictures outside before we left.  Here's me and my sister.

Afterwards, we all went back to my sister's house.  Ellie entertained us on the piano.

So cute.

Ellie also danced for us.  She had me dance with her too.  We had fun.

Happy Birthday, Ashley and Kirk!  :)

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