December 9, 2015

Baking for Ireland

My co-worker, Debbie paid me money to bake her some of my gluten free chocolate chip cookies and brownies so she could take them to Ireland.  She's from Ireland and she was going there to a family members wedding.  I was excited to make her goodies since she was taking them out of the U.S.  haha

Here's the gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough.

Brownie batter


Close-up of cookies....I forgot to take a picture of the brownies.

I packed everything up in ziploc bags and in squared containers to keep them airtight.  Debbie, said her plan was to take them in her carry on.  She said if TSA told her she couldn't take them then she was going to sit down at the airport and eat all of it before leaving.  haha  

Gladly, that didn't happen.  The baked goods made it safely to Ireland.  Debbie's family loved the treats.  :)  I'm very glad.

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