December 9, 2015


This week, I'm on vacation again.  Using up time that I'm going to lose at the end of the year.  On Monday, I went to IKEA.  I wanted my BFF to go but she couldn't take off from work.  :(  So, I went alone.

The parking garage and store was pretty empty.  WIN!  :)

I went right to the shopping area and looked around.  I had a small list.  I wanted to get some frames for something I'm doing for Christmas and I wanted get new skillets.

I walked around and took some pictures....

I was bummed that IKEA doesn't make the skillets I use.  It looks like they've been replaced to a more expensive pan.  SUCKS.  :(  So, I didn't get any pans.

This veggie fabric for this curtain is awesome.  :)  Would be cool as an apron.

Here's the frames.  There was a worker meeting going on in this section.  The manager was telling the employees to focus and was explaining why things are a certain way.  One lady said "you want the customers eyes to go here" and was showing a display. 

There's a cool new area with office supplies, washi and notebooks etc.  K would really love this section.  Some of the stuff wasn't my style but I did get a cute plain brown notebook for .99 cents.

Of course, I had to look at the plants. The orchids are always so pretty at IKEA.  These little trees caught my eye.

I got 2 plants.  The little tree is called a dracaea marginata.  It's a dragon tree.  It's small and cute.  :)  The other plant is a cactaceae or a cactus.  :)

I spent $15 on everything I got.  :)

I stopped at the food area and got a hot fresh cinnamon roll.  I sat at a table and ate it while people watching.  It was soooo yummy.  These are the best cinnamon rolls ever.

I then went back to the market.  I got a lingonberry drink.  Love this drink.  I discovered how wonderful this drink is when I went with Allie and William for college stuff.

I purchased this book for a friend who asked me to pick it up.

I found the by the pound candy.  I almost forgot about it and when I saw it I got so excited.  LOL  I got a bag and got some different candies.  I spent $3 on candy.  The brownie fudge was my favorite.  I say 'was' because it's all gone.  hahahahaha

Here's my mix.  The jelly beans were really good.

I also bought some lingonberry preserves.  YUM

Here's my purchases.  :)

After that I drove back to my town.  I did some shopping at Dollar Tree, Party City, Hobby Lobby, Wegmans and then went home.  I had a nice day.  :)

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