December 25, 2015

Easy Guacomole

I had a neighbor going out of town for a few days and she asked if I wanted a few items that she wasn't going to be able to use up.  I said sure.  She brought over a half gallon of milk, clementines, tomatoes and 5 avocados.  Some of which were very ripe.  I had no idea what I was going to make with the avocados.  3 of them needed to be used that day.  So for dinner Nate suggested guacomole and chips.  I went right to pinterest and I found an easy recipe where I had everything I needed to make a quick and delicious guac.

You will need:

3 avocados
2 tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic (I used minced.  1/2 tsp is one clove of garlic)
1 lime
black pepper (optional)

Scrape the middle of your avocados into a bowl.  Squeeze a fresh lime over top and mash.  Cut tomatoes and add the garlic, salt and pepper until combined.

Very easy and best of's fresh.  :)

We loved it and will make again next time we have a bunch of ripe avocados.  :)

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