December 9, 2015

Birthday fun for my BFF

December 6th, is my BFF's birthday.  I asked her weeks ago what she wanted to do that day since it was her special day.

The night before I baked her husband some star wars cookies.  He's a star wars fan and his birthday is the 8th so I figured it was perfect to give him these to add to his other gifts.

The cookies are so cool and they tasted great.  We couldn't stop eating them.  haha

When I got to my friends house I gave them their bday gifts.  I got K, a mint colored hand mixer, rainman stickers, contact cases, rainman flags, socks, and an etsy gift card.  I got D, cookies, itunes gc, chipotle gc and a tire gauge.  The tire gauge didn't work so I returned it yesterday for one that did work and will give it to him this weekend.

K and I headed to proper pie for birthday lunch.  I treated K to her bday lunch.  K got a sausage roll.  I got a turkey, cranberry and brie hand pie.

We split a bloody lamington.  It's a sponge cake with coconut, powdered sugar, raspberry coolie and whipped cream.

Here's my small hand pie.  It tasted like a pot pie.  Yummy! :)

My sister met us there and grabbed something and ate it.  She also tried the bloody lamington.

Next up, was Cary Towne to Chop Seuy books.  They were having a handmade holiday event and K wanted to check it out.  

Here's E "reading a book".

Ellie got a new book.

She was so happy.  :)

We then went to the Great Big Green House.  This place was right up my alley.  Sooooo cool.

When we walked in there was a Santa that sorta scared E.  She didn't want anything to do with him.  She calls him Christmas man.  ahahaha

There was a really cool train display that we checked out.

We then looked outside at the Christmas trees.

E is wearing my sunglasses.  The sun was too bright for her.  haha

We then went to HomeGoods to look around.

We vegged a little at my BFF's after all that.  

For dinner we went to a pizza place called Sal's.  It was good.  The pizza is in my top 5 now.  There was a fish tank there.  E was obsessed.  She loved watching the fish and the hermit crab.  The workers thought E was cute and loved her little voice.  They told her she could name the hermit crab.  The orange fish is Nemo, the Black fish is Oreo and they said the crab didn't have a name.  E shrieked "Sebastian" and we all laughed.  One of the waiters said "that's a perfect name".  So cute!!  :)

Dave treated us girls to dinner.  Thanks Dave.  :)  

Happy Birthday to Kristen and Dave!  I hope you had a great day.

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