December 25, 2015

Nate's Bunnyphobia

Nate mentioned the other day that he kept getting scared by bunnies.   Our neighborhood always has a ton of rabbits hopping around.  We even have them in our backyard.  We have some holes in our backyard that I'm pretty sure are from rabbits.

Anyways, our neighbors across the street thought it would be funny to put a bunch of bunnies in my husbands car.  I helped them get in the car and they pulled it off.

Here's a picture of what my husband saw when he went to work that morning.

Then later my BFF and I went shopping at Target and she saw these t-shirt material sheets with bunnies and told me "I will pay you $30 if you buy those sheets and put them on the bed to get Nate".  They were on sale for $24 so I got them.  I made $6 off the joke.  haha

When I got home, I told Nate I was changing into my jammies and I went upstairs.  I changed and I quickly put the bunnies on the bed.  haha

I made the bed so he wouldn't suspect a thing if he had gone upstairs.

Nate noticed the sheets as soon as he got into bed that night.  He used his phone flash light to shine on them and said "what's this" and laughed.  I told him about the joke and he thought it was funny.  We love the sheets.  The bed stays nice and warm.  :)

Here's Nate in the morning laying with the bunnies.

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