March 30, 2014

Garden Update: Week 6

It's been 6 weeks since planted my seeds for my garden this year.  It's always a nice surprise when you see new sprouts and growth on your plants.

First thing is first.  Yesterday, I made spaghetti squash for dinner and I saved some seeds from the squash.  I planted some of them but accidentally labeled the seeds butternut squash.  I fixed that today and made the correct label.  :)

As to my surprise this morning, I see a sprout in my mixed bell pepper pot.  :)

Adoraable little baby.  :)

No sprouts yet on this sweet bell pot.

My peas are doing great.  They keep growing and growing.

The zucchini needs to be replanted soon.  It's been raining the last 3 days here so I'm not treading out to the shed until it's dry out there.  Hopefully, I can get them repotted this week.

Petite yellow peppers

Purple bell peppers

Cherry tomatoes



Squash....probably needs to be repotted soon.


Little terra cotta pots

Many happy sprouts!

The only sprouts in these pots are the top right.  Top one (mixed bell) and underneath (petite bell).

I have 2 sprouts on my red potatoes.

Up close on the bigger and first sprout.

In my kitchen window sill I have 3 little flower plants.  I got them from the dollar spot at Target.  They are doing wonderfully.  :)

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