March 23, 2014

Fun Weekend

Yesterday, my sister, niece and BFF went to the Women's Expo at the Richmond Raceway Complex.  I got free tickets from work so we figured we'd go.  

My sister and BFF bought a few things from some vendors.  I bought a block of Heini's Cheese.  It was awesome that they were there.  The swiss is awesome.  My Amish pen pal, Lovina served me some of this cheese with chocolate cake when Nate and I were visiting one time.  It's good together.  :)

Afterwards, we went to Ginter Park to some little handmade show and checked it out.  It was very small.  There was a lot of cute stuff but everything was pricey.  I get it's homemade but come on.  LOL  

We then went to Tinker and Company.  This little shop is ADORABLE!!

They had a cute little sign out front.  Hello Spring!

After we looked around there the BFF and I went to Cinebistro to watch 'Divergent'.  Dave met us there.  I had a handful of popcorn and the delicious bistro burger with some fries.  The movie was really good.  No spoilers here.  :)

This morning, I ran some errands and then met my friend Melissa at the Expo center so we could go to the Home and Garden show.  I had free tickets from work.  We didn't see anything there that we needed.  We then hit up the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday for lunch.  I love the salad bar there. It's so cheap and yummy.

Melissa gave me a dozen of fresh farm eggs!  I have 10 brown eggs, 1 green egg and 1 blue egg.  AWESOME!!!  I love farm fresh eggs.  :)

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