June 26, 2011

Project: Cord Carts

Nate and I went out today with our friends Crystal and Eddie. We bowled 2 games at Splitsville and then ate a late lunch/early dinner at Firebirds.

After we got home Nate hung my magnetic board and then we headed to the basement. Nate cleaned the carpets with our carpet cleaner and I worked on the Cord Carts. :) I got this lovely idea from Nate's brother Dan. :)

Here's the picture from last night that I took of the carts and the container full of cords......

First thing first.....I had to de-tangle 95% of the cords. I layed them out on the floor.........

I then started putting some cords in the drawers and made labels.....

Some of the cords Nate had me throw out that he didn't need anymore. I was happy to do that. I still have 3 drawers unlabeled for now. I know I'll find something to fill them up with. One of the drawers I put old cell phones and old chargers in. I know there are more phones laying around somewhere. Once I find them all I'm going to donate them so they can be recycled.

I can't wait to have this project complete. I'm sure cleaning and sorting the office I'll come across some more cords but at least now they have a place. :)

I think the 2 big drawers that are empty are going to be 'canon' drawers for camera stuff. If there is a lot of camera stuff I might have to get a drawer just for canon things. We'll see.


  1. love this! no more digging and digging for just the right cord! :)

  2. when i organized our cords i found a shitload of instruction manuals that dave wouldn't let me throw away - do you have that problem too? we have a whole bin just for those...

  3. thanks! :) It's def a better way at finding something.

    I need to tackle the cedar chest and basket in the living room and clean those up. I bet there are some cords in there.

    I found 2 manuals but Nate let me throw them out b/c he didn't need them. (YEY) I'm sure there are manuals in some of the other boxes on the desk that needs to be sorted through still. I'm loving the fact that Nate knows he doesn't need to hoard things anymore. I think he'd like to be better organized too. :) We'll get there...it just takes time. :)