June 20, 2011

New Things Monday

Little late on this posting today but I was pretty busy and now finally have a few min to get this done. There's no way I can skip my 'New things Monday'. :) Today's feature is Body by Vi. It's this new shake craze. You replace 2 meals with this shake and eat a normal dinner. (or replace whatever meal) My husband and our friend Laura is doing this challenge. So far Laura has loss 20 pounds and my Nate has loss 16 pounds. I tried this shake. It smells and tastes just like cake batter. It's so cool that you can add this mix to all sorts different things. Whatever you feel like making with different fruits or juices you can add it. It's soooo much better than all those other diet shakes out there. Of course, no one but yourself can decide when you're ready to lose weight but I think this shake plan is great. If you'd like to sign up my hubby has his own page for you.

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