June 5, 2011

Busy but FUN weekend.....

It all started yesterday. I met Kristen (surprising her with some Paul's Bakery donuts, Tru Blood drink for us to try and some Wylers Light Grape) at her house. The plan was to go to Jamestown. It's about an hour from Kristen's place.

We stopped off at Williamsburg Pottery Factory Outlets. Let me just be honest.....this outlet center was POOP. It was like a big warehouse full of kitchen type things but the merchandise looks like they've been sitting in bins or on the shelves for 6+ years. I saw on the internets that a store called Oneida was in here. My silverware is from Oneida and I thought it would be cool to get some more forks and spoons. Kristen asked the cashier about the store and she told us Oneida left back in 2008. And after looking around for 2 min I see why they left. Way to go internets! Time to update your site! UGH! We left immediately laughing the whole way out.

We finally got to Jamestown. YEY! We paid our admission and saw a quick movie.

A hut that the Indians lived in.

Items hanging inside the hut.

Some handmade baskets and such.

There were 3 ships parked at the dock. We only went into the 1st one. They are really small inside.

On the ship......This was the Captain's room. Such a tiny space. I love the ticking fabric used for the pillow.

One of the cabins on the ship was for the cook. Inside his room was the stove. I'm sure when that stove is cooking it's hot in there.

This guy was just burning some wood.

The fence for the English Settlers to keep the Indians out.

Outside one of the houses there were little gardens and I thought this was cute.

I loved the ticking stuffed with straw. Old Order Amish use ticking fabrics stuffed with straw as there mattresses as well. :)

Tobacco hanging to dry in a house.

Door handle at a house.

Door handle in the church.

A boy showing us some food he prepared.

A rooster walking around.

We finally finished with Jamestown. And then we went to find a place to eat for a late lunch. (of course we stopped at Victoria's Secret and I stocked up on some soaps and sprays. I use Love spell. It's my FAVORITE! :)

We stopped at Center Street Grill for lunch. Decent prices.

We both got the Philly Roll. It was Philly steak, onions and cheese in an egg roll. And a cheese sauce for dipping.

And we got a caesar salad. I also got a side of fries. :) It was good.

For dessert Kristen took me around the corner to Sweet Frog. I'm in LOVE!!!!!!

You grab a bowl and fill with your choice of yogurt. I got Cookies n' cream, Peanut Butter, Cake Batter, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. I needed to try them all to see what I liked most. The best part.....NO FAT! :)

Then there's a toppings bar. Fruits, candy, cereal, hot fudge....what ever you want....it's there. I put a few rainbow sprinkles b/c I wanted to taste the yogurts to see what I liked best without candy or fruit taking away flavor. I def want to go again (and lucky for me...my town is getting one). Next time I'm getting just chocolate and peanut butter yogurt. MMMMM it will taste amazing! :) Once you load up your bowl you go to the cashier, put on a scale and you pay 39 cents an ounce. I paid $4 for mine. :D

So cute! :)

Then................well it was time for me to finally see the Yankee Candle flagship store. It's a huge store and I can't believe I've never been there.

Jar candles....

Jelly donut....but doesn't really smell like it. Kinda flower smelling instead of jelly.

More candles...

One of my favs! Smells like a orange creamsicle. MMMMMMMMMMMM I got a small votive of this candle.

Bins of votives and tart candles. :)

Cute candle with a teddy bear.

The store also had other stores within it. A Vera Bradley section with tons of Vera Bags! :)

I like this pattern. :) I still have my purple punch Vera bag and I use it everyday. :)

Finally at 8pm, Kristen and me made it to the movies. We saw Bridesmaids.....soooooooooooooo funny! Glad we were able to see it. So many laughs.

When we got back to K's we (Kristen, Dave and me) tried the tru blood drink. It was like a blood orange soda. It was good.

On SUNDAY......................Nate and I picked up Sharon and Joe and we saw Hangover 2.

Then we ate dinner at Red Robin. We chatted about the movie among a ton of other things. Somehow we got on the topic of Sharon working at Disney World. Sharon told us about her Disney World job and Nate and I determined we will never let our kids go there. Sharon needs to write a book with all the scary stories. *shivers*

What a awesome busy but totally fun weekend! :) Loved every minute of it! :)

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