June 12, 2011

Fun Sunday

My friend, Crystal had a birthday Friday. Kristen and I planned a little birthday gathering for her. Kristen made some really cute invites and sent them out to the gang.

My star-gazer lillies population have increased. They look beautiful.

I found out that Crystal likes these so I figured I would clip one for the birthday girl. :)

Kristen made reservations for a place none of us have been too. We wanted to do something fun and different instead of going to Applebees or Red Robin. We had our lunch at The Riverboat on the Potomac. It's in Colonial Beach (river).

Front entrance. Once inside you are in Maryland, which is cool. The have gambling at the Riverboat some of which is illegal in Virginia so a way to get around it, build your place on the water so it's considered legal I guess. LOL

Our table all set up and waiting for us. It was cute and we could sit and look at the water and people watch while enjoying our lunch. For appetizers we got crab dip, hush puppies, mozzarella sticks, and chicken wings. I think most of us got house salads before our main dish. I got the flat iron steak. I got it well done and it was perfectly cooked. No pink, and not burned. YEY! I got a baked potato for my side with just butter and the plate had a mixed veggies. (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans mixed together). Sharon and Joe got prime rib. It was huge!! I've never seen a steak that big. Crystal got a parmesan breaded flounder. The flounder was really big. Everyone's eyes got real big when her plate was set in front of her. LOL Eddie got salmon. Dave and Nate both got baked stuffed flounder and Kristen got the triple decker potomac club. Whew....it was A LOT OF FOOD. And it was all good. No complaints! :)

Cute view from the balcony.

Some pelicans. :)

We all had a great time. For dessert, I made strawberry (box mix) cupcakes. And instead of icing I made French Cream (which I learned to make at my Strawberry class) to go on top. It was good. It tasted like a little strawberry shortcake. :) (no pics of them)

We also discussed going to the Melting Pot in December for Kristen's birthday. Some of us girls haven't been there and it sounds like an awesome place to go to.

Another nice Sunday with awesome friends! :)

For the french cream:

4 cups of diced strawberries
1/2 cup sugar
1 stick of butter (I used unsalted; softened)
1 8 oz pkg of cream cheese (softened)
1 pint of heavy cream (you mix to whip cream texture)

Mix butter and cream cheese. Add in sugar and mix. Then mix in your strawberries.

In another bowl, mix your heavy cream on the highest setting. Don't worry it won't spill or spray out. Keep mixing until you get peaks. You'll know when it's ready. Now you have whip cream. :)

Fold in the whipped cream and refrigerate for an hour. You can use it as a dip or add it to cake or whatever you'd like. :)

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