April 10, 2016

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Last weekend, I met up with my Aunt Karen, cousin Lora and 2nd cousin Olivia at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.  Kristen, her nephew and my little sister and niece all met there too.  We had a fabulous time.

Here's E wearing some new sunglasses I got her and had just given her.

There was so many tulips in bloom.

We went into the big greenhouse and saw all the lovely orchids.

Here's my sister and me.

E wanted to run ahead.

There were some tiny house the kids loved playing in.

Olivia and Ellie walking hand in hand.

Here's Ellie watering plants in the Children's garden.  She was a big helper.

Soaking the sponge.

Squeezing the sponge to get the water out for the plants.

The kids loved dressing up and playing music.

The kids had fun with chalk.

Ellie is giggling at her body from being traced with chalk.  The shape looked like a gingerbread man.  haha

If you look closely, you will see some turtles sunbathing.

Ellie and Reed holding hands.  So cute.

After the gardens we were hungry so we went to the Northside Grille for lunch.  We had to wait for a table so some of us waited and some of us walked to an estate sale to see what was for sale.  Olivia bought a little pillow for a quarter.  We also walked around Little House Green Grocery.  It was a cute shop and I loved all the 'Made in Virginia' products.

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