April 2, 2016

Backyard Chickens Dollar Tree Supplies

While doing my research on chickens I came across this blog about items you can get for your chickens at the dollar tree.  Yes, please!!!  I found some other items that you can get from there too for your chickens.

I went there this morning and here's everything I got.

The corner of my dining room before I starting putting things away.

Here's everything I got.  My chickens are going to be so spoiled and happy.

-2 pet water bowls (to have different places with water on hot days when girls are free ranging)
-ping pong balls (for fake eggs to teach girls where to lay)
-fly swatters (2 pack.....for flies in the coop of course)
-2 mirrors (b/c ckns love looking at themselves)
-pumpkin and sunflower seed packs (for healthy treats and each pack was only 25 cents)
-gloves (latex and rubber....could never have enough of these)
-microfiber towels
-cleaning vinegar (to clean coop)
-egg basket (for egg collecting)
-masks (when cleaning poop)
-electrolytes (for sick chickens in the water)
-tarp (to use for shade on coop)
-2 shower liners (a poop liner perhaps?)
-black bucket (for soapy water when cleaning coop)
-hot pink basket (to keep items in)
-sponges (for cleaning stuff)
-epsom salt (soaking ckn for bumble foot or egg bound)
-antibiotic ointment (for cuts, to prevent frostbitten combs, broken toenails)
-baby aspirin (for an injured chick, break up and add to water)
-red ball (ckns love color and don't want to be bored, this will occupy them)

Is there anything you've gotten at you dollar tree for your backyard chickens?

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