April 11, 2016

2016 Garden Update #5

I've got some good news and some bad news.  :)  :(

Here's what my greenhouse looks like right now.  I had to do some cleaning yesterday morning. I'm sad to say I lost some plant babies.

First, I did put some ant bait in the greenhouse.  I've had some of those annoying piss ants crawling around.  I wanted to put a stop to them now before it gets out of hand.

This was a picture from early on in the week.

Early in the week the sunflowers doing good.

Yesterday morning, here's the sunflowers.  They are pretty happy.  

Last week, the temps dropped below freezing and we had frost.  I thought my plants in the greenhouse would be okay.  The next morning I walked into my greenhouse to devastation.  My peppers and tomatoes were dead.

So sad.....

I should have tucked everyone in or brought them into my house.

Here's the sprouts.....one green bean didn't make it.

I loss my potato plants too.  :(

I dug it up to check it.  Some of the roots looked okay but I don't think it will be able to re-grow so I have to throw it out.

I dug the dead green bean sprout out as well.  Sad.

Here's all the sunflowers I have now in the greenhouse.  I've moved all of them to the top shelf.

This is my spidey friend.  He was jumping all around.  He has bright blue eyes.  So mesmerizing.  I'm leaving him here because he will kill and eat bugs that I don't want eating my plants.  Hopefully.  ;)

Marigolds that did not die.

We had another freeze warning Saturday night.  I was prepared though.  I tucked everyone in.  I just looked around my house and found stuff to use.  Nate had some bags, paper and a box from computer stuff that he didn't need.  They worked perfect.

I wrapped flowers with packing paper.

I unwrapped them yesterday morning.  The flowers are happy and safe.

My little succulent is good.  I did not wrap him.  I knew he would be okay.  He's the only plant that survived the winter.

I loss a marigold spout but I noticed yesterday morning I had some new sprouts so they didn't all get zapped by the cold.  YAY

This tomato plant seems to be okay for now.  It did not like the freeze but I think it might make it.

An awesome find.....I saw these hanging planters at the dollar tree.  I got 2 and hung them on my hooks I have in the greenhouse.

They also had coco liners for them.  I might go back and get 2 more.  I love these!  I just gotta think what I'm going to put in them. :)  I also might want to get a few more for my chickens.  I can put heads of lettuce in them and hang them for the chickens to peck at so they don't get bored while in the pen or something.

So, I unwrapped everything to make sure it survived the frost.

I'm saving this packing stuff.  It was perfect and just in case another freeze warning pops up I am prepared and can tuck everyone in.

My squash balls look great.

Here's the squash balls after I took the bag off.

I covered my sunflowers with some packing paper.  I also placed some old grass on top to keep paper from blowing and I poked some skewers in the ground to hold the paper in place.

I took the paper off and there's lots of little baby sunflowers.  :)

I made a little fencing area to try to keep animals out and to make sure my husband doesn't mow it.

My tomatoes I planted in egg shells never seeds.  I threw them out.  It might have just been too cold for them to germinate.

My front bushes.....the pollen seems to be gown the the new growth turned kinda black.

I think it was zapped from the frost.  :(

I decided to start some seeds in the house since my peas and tomatoes didn't grow in my greenhouse.  I'm hoping by the end of next weekend I will have some sprouts.

I have one orchid where the blooms are falling off.  That's okay because that happens.  It's part of an orchid lifecycle.  It's storing up energy to rebloom.  :)  If you look closely to the tallest orchid you will see more growth.

I can't wait to see this one bloom.

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