April 15, 2016

Farm Stand 4/15/16

I went to my favorite farm stand today to pick up a few things.  The stand just opened a few days ago so I was excited to be able to stop in today.  The farmers that own the stand is the ones I got my CSA share with.  That starts in May.

The layout is a little different that last year.  I like it.  It's nice and open.  Feels much bigger.

There was a bunch of flowers, herbs, and some veggies.  Here's some zucchini plants that made me smile because the seed shell/casings are still attached.  

Here's a lot of different starter tomato plants.

Some flowers....I got these marigolds.

Here's everything I got......

2 big broccoli heads
large carrot
large cucumber
green beans
2 different lavender plants
basil plant

My total was $14.85 after my 10% discount was applied for me being a CSA member.

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