June 5, 2016

New Car

My husband and I had talked about getting a new vehicle early next year.  My husband was going to trade in his Dodge Charger for a Challenger.  The Charger was starting to have a few problems so we figured it was best to go ahead and trade it in now.  We decided the Friday before Memorial Day we'd drive out to the dealership I found that had the exact Challenger my husband was looking for.  We signed our lives away.  haha  We are really happy with the new car.

Saying goodbye to the old car....

Saying hello to the new car....

It's such a smart car.  So much technology.


  1. Trading the car in before the problems became worse was a really good idea. You would not want the car to give you problems when you are in the middle of a highway. Your Challenger looks so cool, and I love that it is a smart car. It is amazing to see how far vehicles have come over the years in terms of technology.